Star Wars: Rogue One – Nothing to remember

Star Wars Rogue One

Yesterday decided to watch Star Wars: Rogue One… 2 hours of the movie with “the Force” and new characters. Only couple moments with few old character and everything else is new and created only for this movie…

The whole Star Wars idea was born even before me and now Disney is just trying to milk it (maybe they will make some money) but it’s too late…


let it go!

New day – new laugh

This morning started with a sincere smile when I was buying breakfast sandwich and coffee at Tim Hortons. As usual after the lady at the counter confirmed my order (she is new there and was checking everything twice) I was asked for the name for my order. The answer was “Val. – V. A. L.”.
Even with detailed spelling of my name people at Timmys are always creative. Guess how they spelled my name today 😉


How can VAL become MAO???

But this was just the beginning. Next part is going through resumes and selecting candidates for senior developer role. (more…)

The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker

Last night we decided to watch something nice. Trailer of The Dressmaker looked very nice and expectation was that it will be something nicely done with bright costumes and hopefully some story. The result – it’s not just the story which is interesting and unpredictable but also good actors, some sincere lough and curiosity about “what’s next”.

BMW M2 – Eyes on Gigi Hadid

BMW M2 - Eyes on Gigi Hadid

360 videos become more popular today. After watching this amazing video of BMW M2 I spent some time learning how to do it… looks like you need at least 4 GoPros (6 is recommended) and some extra hardware to hold them together.

Maybe GoPro will sponsor my experiments with 360 videos? I promise some nice videos from motorcycle trips 🙂

In the meanwhile enjoy the BMW video: