Cyclist crossing on red light

One thing happened downtown Toronto today and I just want to tell you about it.

On the intersection of Yonge street and some other street north of Dundas there was a cyclist approaching red light and police car behind him. What happened is not fair – cyclist went on the red light without stopping and police simply stopped on the red light as everybody else. What happened next? NOTHING!

So what does it mean? Questions to Toronto police:
1. How many demerit points and what is the fine for red light for the person operating a vehicle on the road?
2. Do all vehicles on the road have same responsibilities and rights?
3. Why such a big violation can be simply ignored by police officer?
4. What will be the punishment for a driver who goes on the green light and hits the cyclist going on the red light?

If any of answers mean “cyclists are allowed not to follow rules” than simply they should not be allowed on public roads!

I don’t have any identification of cyclist or police car.

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