This morning started with a sincere smile when I was buying breakfast sandwich and coffee at Tim Hortons. As usual after the lady at the counter confirmed my order (she is new there and was checking everything twice) I was asked for the name for my order. The answer was “Val. – V. A. L.”.
Even with detailed spelling of my name people at Timmys are always creative. Guess how they spelled my name today 😉


How can VAL become MAO???

But this was just the beginning. Next part is going through resumes and selecting candidates for senior developer role.

This can be funny and sad at the same time. Here are some quotes:

Candidate 2:
Experience: for last 7 years worked as .Net MVC Developer (till 5 month ago)
Skills: Familiar with MVC Design Pattern, Object-Oriented design and programming

So after 7 years of being MVC developer you finally became familiar with MVC, OOP and programming… next please

Candidate 4:
Good sense of humor – first name and last name are the same. Should be easy to communicate – imagine email coming from Mao Mao 🙂

Candidate 10:
7.6+ years of experience as Dot Net Developer
7.6+ years … sounds like 7 years 7 month 6 days + something else… this is very precise 🙂

Candidate 14:
4 pages of keywords without paddings and with minimum space between line in tiny font…
Impossible to read – my eyes hurt and I need a break

Candidate 17:
Cover letter and resume combined in one file and first two pages is just text without formatting in this font:
Cover Letter Font
I need another break 🙁 And I’m still far from finishing resumes…

Candidate 21:
6 pages of event smaller font… pure text describing dozens of projects done as consultant… Killing my eyes

Candidate 32:
File name: RESUME 2013a.docx
2013? Yes! Because you are working working at the same company since 200*, tried to find a job in 2013, was not hired anywhere and trying again in 2017… and definitely not our skillset.

Candidate 40:
11 pages of small text… all small projects since 2000…

Time for a break!

Sincerely yours, MAO Val