Windows 10 Mobile and Lumia features iPhone does not have


There are some features of Lumia phones and Windows 10 Mobile which iPhone does not have and it makes the difference:

  • Camera button – it’s so easy to take photos using camera button! Simply grab the phone, press dedicated button, take a photo, lock the phone with power button and keep doing what you were doing. No need to touch the screen…
  • Glance screen – it’s just so nice to see if you have any notification without touching the phone.
  • Live tiles – you should use them to understand how convenient they are.

Photo is taken with iPhone 6s Plus.

Few words about cyclists

Cyclist crossing on red light

One thing happened downtown Toronto today and I just want to tell you about it.

On the intersection of Yonge street and some other street north of Dundas there was a cyclist approaching red light and police car behind him. What happened is not fair – cyclist went on the red light without stopping and police simply stopped on the red light as everybody else. What happened next? NOTHING!

10 Ways to Get Ahead as a First Time Manager

You find yourself as the head of your team for the first time, and you want to hit the ground running. Being a manager requires many skills and abilities, some of which you can’t really learn until you’re in charge. This is why it’s important to have a plan, not only for your department or company, but for yourself as a manager as well. Here are 10 ways to get ahead as a first time manager:

10 Ways to get ahead as a first time manager


Why winter tires make sense

A lot of people say “I’m a good driver – I’m good on all season tires”. I don’t agree with this point and here is a good video from Mercedes-Benz explaining the difference.

Andrew Shaw Headbutt

I was watching this game last night and right before this moment I went to bed. Good that I found this video – amazing moment (even that I would like to see Anaheim scoring).